Bankruptcy is nothing more than a fresh financial start. It is designed to help those who are in debt beyond a reasonable means to repay. It is medicine for the financially ill.

The law states that a person is entitled to start over financially so long as they have not been dishonest in getting into debt. Bankruptcy will wipe out most of your unsecured debts and let you keep most, if not all, of your property.

People get in over their head financially for many reasons: loss of employment, cut in hours or pay, business failure, foreclosures and short sales. Most people would avoid bankruptcy if they could, but like many things in life, sometimes bankruptcy just cannot be avoided.

While it is not easy to make the decision to file bankruptcy, you will survive. Over one million Americans survive bankruptcy every year.

Our goal is to make the process go as smoothly as possible, We have over 34 years experience in protecting consumer and small business owners.

Debt causes all type of problems: health, marital, physiological, work related and self esteem. In fact a recent study by Ohio State University show that high debt causes health problems.