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Bankruptcy is nothing more than a fresh financial start. It is designed to help those who are in debt beyond a reasonable means to repay. It is medicine for the financially ill.

The law states that a person is entitled to start over financially so long as they have not been dishonest in getting into debt. Bankruptcy will wipe out most of your unsecured debts and let you keep most, if not all, of your property.

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For many people, the word bankruptcy conjures up negative feelings. But El Dorado County bankruptcy attorney Diane Anderson knows that bankruptcy is nothing more than way to get a fresh financial start. If you are in debt and have no reasonable means to pay it off, we can inform you of your options and guide you through the bankruptcy process.

Why File Bankruptcy?

People get in over their head financially for many reasons: divorce, medical debt, loss of employment, cut in hours or pay, business failure, foreclosures and short sales. Most people would avoid bankruptcy if they could, but like many things in life, sometimes bankruptcy is just unavoidable. That’s why you need an El Dorado County bankruptcy attorney who has your best interests in mind and will work to get you on the road to recovery.

By filing bankruptcy, you can erase most of your unsecured debts and keep most of your property. As many know, debt causes all type of problems: health, marital, physiological, and self-esteem. Getting rid of debt with the help of an experienced El Dorado County bankruptcy attorney can subsequently ease some of that stress.

How An El Dorado County Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You

At the Law Offices of Diane Anderson, our goal is to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We have over 10 years’ experience as well as a combined 34 years of a mentor's’ experience in protecting consumer and small business owners. Together, we can work with you to:

  • Discharge your debts
  • Stop foreclosure on your home
  • Stop repossession of your car or other property
  • Unfreeze your bank accounts
  • Stop wage garnishment
  • Stop debt collection harassment

El Dorado County bankruptcy attorney Diane Anderson will examine your case and develop a strategy for you to recover your financial situation. She has experience in handling Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases throughout Northern California. Diane is dedicated to helping her clients resolve their financial problems both in court and after filing. She will also give you the individual attention, respect, understanding and assistance you both need and deserve.

Contact the Law Offices of Diane Anderson and Take the First Step to Financial Recovery

If you are facing unbearable debts, collection calls, foreclosure, or other financial difficulties, contact us today to learn about how we can help. El Dorado County bankruptcy attorney Diane Anderson has the knowledge and experience to inform you of your rights and will help you protect your assets. Call the Law Offices of Diane Anderson today for a free initial consultation at (530) 626-6441.

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  • I was very pleased with the help I received in preparing a will in rather short notice. I would highly recommend Diane Anderson for your legal needs.

    - Tim H.5 Star bankruptcy Attorney California
  • Diane Anderson is everything you would want in attorney. She really cares about the problems you have and she takes care of them so fast. She treats you like family and I would recommend her to all my friends. Her assistant is great all so.

    - Jeanette L.5 Star bankruptcy Attorney California



Most people do not lose any of their belongings in bankruptcy. The end goal of bankruptcy is to get you back on your feet financially. Therefore, your basic necessities are protected in bankruptcy, so as to help you re-establish yourself.

The equity in your home and most of your personal belongings will, in all likelihood, be protected in bankruptcy.

The exemptions (the bankruptcy law which protects your assets) are very complicated and you should consult an attorney to maximize the protection that you are afforded under Bankruptcy Law.

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